Manufacturing Services Provided


J&M utilizes the Visual Manufacturing System to manage its business operations. Visual is a fully integrated, MRPII software system with technological advancements in all phases of production control, scheduling, and management.

All of J&M's processes are engineered and routed by qualified technicians through the computer system. Our computer technologies provide for the calculation of process time to the minute. We can therefore determine the most appropriate methods and machines for each process and incorporate the flexibility to manufacture to our customer's specifications in the most cost-effective way.

We utilize the advanced scheduling system to determine the necessary manufacturing requirements of jobs. The capability to artificially change selected variables to determine the effects of changing resource schedules allows us a forecast view of scheduling potentials. By doing so, we can identify and eliminate bottle-necks before they occur and ensure that customer demands are met. Our focus is on Just In Time (J.I.T.) Delivery.

Meticulous data collection allows for traceability of the manufacturing processes on a real-time basis. This allows us the capability of monitoring all operations, identifying and controlling any problems, and managing costs during manufacturing. Jobs can be targeted and reviewed to maintain and improve production, quality, and costs.