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Online Ordering Security

Ordering Online With Us Is Safe and Secure!

We employ a method of interaction with our visitors that does not compromise credit card information. This online system is 100% secure.

A note about the Fair Credit Billing Act: Under this act, your bank limits your total loss and cannot hold you liable for more than fifty dollars of reported fraudulent charges. In the event your card is used in a fraudulent manner, you must notify your bank or card issuer immediately and in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

We encourage you to feel comfortable using your credit card to conduct commerce on our site.


Security Confidence

Making sure our customers feel secure is a top priority at J&M Machine. Although customers are ultimately responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their user IDs and passwords, absolute security cannot always be guaranteed. J&M Machine is committed to our customer's needs and is continually working toward setting and improving the security of our sites. J&M Machine uses a 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) Advanced Integration Method (AIM) for the encryption of transactions on its web site. AIM provides the highest levels of secure transaction infrastructure available to merchants building an e-commerce business. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be deciphered by anyone except the account holder. All sensitive information remains on our server and will never be transmitted for any reason.


How it Works

When using AIM to connect to the Payment Gateway, a customer enters purchase information (i.e. name, credit card number, etc.) into a payment form on the merchant's website. This payment form is hosted either by the merchant, or the merchant may choose to use's securely hosted, customizable payment form.

When the customer clicks to submit his or her purchase information, payment information is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology and sent to an transaction server. The server sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer's bank, using a secure, proprietary connection. When the authorization process is complete — this takes around five seconds — the customer receives an approval or decline response, and the server stores the transaction. Approved transactions are automatically settled each day and are typically funded within two or three business days.

This Payment Diagram is Copyright 2004 All rights reserved.

Payment Diagram
1. The customer places an order with the merchant via a website, call center, retail location, or wireless device.
2. Authorize.Net receives the transaction via the Internet, securely encrypts it, and submits an authorization request to the customer's Credit Card Issuer to verify both the account and funds availability.
3. The authorization (or decline) response is returned via Authorize.Net to the merchant. Round trip this process averages less than 3 seconds.
4. Upon approval, the merchant fills the customer's order.
5. Authorize.Net sends the settlement request to the Merchant Account Provider.
6. The Merchant Account Provider deposits settlement funds into the merchant's account.