Spade Drill Tool Holders, Boring Bars
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  • The Survivor - is made in USA.
  • The Survivor - Outlasts the competition.
  • Spade drill tips last longer in The Survivor.
  • Hold closer hole tolerances with The Survivor.
  • Better finishes in holes with The Survivor.
  • Can eliminate reaming or boring operations with The Survivor.
  • No problem with tool alignment with The Survivor.
  • Save set-up time with The Survivor.

  • The Survivor tool holder material and hardness is engineered for long life.
  • Spade drill tool holders are hardened to Rc 42-46 giving the tool holder a spring-type performance and has excellent resistance to chip or taper wear.
  • Shot blasting improves the life of the tool holder and reduces tool fatigue.
  • The Survivor spade drill tool holders are on center within .0005 T.I.R.
  • Our spade drill tool holders and tips offer a low-cost solution for your tooling needs.
  • The Survivor spade drill tool holders and tips are interchangeable with those on the market at the present time.
  • The Survivor spade drill tool holder is made in straight shank, taper shank, and flange shanks to fit your machining needs.

Spade Drill Holder
The Survivor

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