Spade Drill Tool Holders, Boring Bars
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  • Always add a small amount of anti-seize to the threads of the Torx screws. This prevents the screw from seizing in the tool holder and will eliminate striping the torx socket in the screw.
  • Long run jobs require that the Torx screws be removed and anti-seize be reapplied every time the bit is replaced or every 24-48 hours of use.
  • High pressure coolant is recommended for deep holes if aggressive feeds are used.
  • Always make sure the pipe plug is tight in the hole you are not using for coolant.
  • When tools are not in use make sure that the holders' shanks are protected from damage.
  • When selecting the spade drill tool holder, remember that the range on some tool holders overlap. Always use the largest size tool holder which fits the spade drill tip. This will reduce drill breakage due to excessive holder clearance.
  • Watch the load meter on your CNC, as the spade tip wears, the load on the meter will increase. By keeping track of how much load is on the meter when the tip is ready to be changed, you can reduce tool breakage and the tip will be able to be reground.
  • No need to align the Survivor (our spade drill tool holder), you can use the default setting on your turret position.
  • Tool change times are reduced by changing the spade drill tip.

Spade Drill Holder
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Anti-Seize for Torx Screws
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