Retention Knob Sockets, Pull Stud Sockets
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Retention Knobs and Pull Studs can be tightened uniformly with the use of a torque wrench and a socket. This gives the exact tightness that the manufacturer's specifications require.

Retention Knob Sockets aid in the installation and removal of knobs. By using a Socket and a Torque Wrench the ideal tightness is achieved, without rounding off the Pull Stud corners. Sockets are designed to work when flats are up to .020 under Wrench Size Max.

Warning: Open end wrenches or crescent wrenches can slip off the Retention Knob and result in the rounding off of corners and damage to the Knob.

Safety note: An open end wrench or crescent wrenches can slip off the Pull Stud and injure the operator.

Installation Information: Install Retention Knobs and Pull Studs to Manufacturer's torque specifications using a torque wrench. Improper installation may result in loose knobs if under tightened, or knobs which crack or break if over tightened. Torque (FT-LBS.) specifications supplied with Sockets.

Note: Some Retention Knobs / Pull Studs have mixed standards. Check the shoulder diameter and wrench sizes carefully when selecting a socket to fit your requirements.

Retention Knob Socket Diagram

Retention Knob Socket, Pull Stud Socket

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