Spade Drill Tip Insert Information
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J&M Machine sets your course for quality in manufacturing certified, quality spade drill tip inserts.

Spade Drill Tip Inserts are Made in the USA:
  • Fits Allied - type spade drill holders.
  • Better chip control than standard drills.
  • Better surface finish than with standard drills.
  • Increased feed rate and spindle speed.
  • Reduced cycle time.
  • Reduces inventory costs.

Choose from Three Steel Spade Drill Insert Tips:
  • M4
  • T15
  • M48

Choose from Three Carbides:
  • C-2, (K20) for non-ferrous, ductile and nodular cast iron
  • C-3, (K10) for gray cast iron
  • C-4, (M20) for ferrous steel or alloy steel

Choose from Four Different Types of Coatings:
  • TiN (Titanium Nitride) All around coating
  • TiALN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride)
  • TiALN+ (Titanium Aluminum Nitride & Tungsten Carbide/Carbon)
  • TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride)

Coating Material TiN TiALN TiALN+ TiCN
Name Titanium Nitride Titanium Aluminum Nitride Titanium Aluminum Nitride & Tungsten Carbide/Carbon Titanium Carbonitride
Hardness Rc 80 90 90 90
Max Work 600oC 800oC 800oC 400oC
Temperature 1000oC 1470oC 1470oC 750oC
Coating 900oC 900oC 900oC 900oC
Temperature 950oC 950oC 950oC 950oC
Color Gold-Yellow Violet-Purple Black-Gray Blue-Gray
Cost 1x 1.35x 1.5x 1.35x
Wear Value (100) 56 72 72 80

132o Drill Point Angle
(Special point angles available on request, allow 2 weeks for delivery.)

Re-Grinding Service Available!!
(MINIMUM ORDER, 10 spade drill inserts of the same size and coating.)

Spade drill tip identification, identify your spade drill tip, cross reference your spade drill tip or create a custom spade drill tip with our DESIGN A SPECIAL form!
Use our powerful interactive Spade Drill Tip Identifier / Design a Special Drill Tip form, to cross-reference any spade drill insert you have and we'll provide you with one that fits your spade drill.
Or, you can supply us with custom dimensions and request a special spade drill insert be made.

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