Taper Shank Test Fixture

Taper Shank Test Fixture

Do you know if your toolholders still fit your CNC mills?

J&M Machine ran the tests and confirmed that standard retention knobs force toolholder shanks to expand at the small end - and we're willing to bet that the standard retention knobs in your toolholder have distorted your toolholders so they are now outside the AT3 spec.

If a toolholder is distorted, the large end of the tool is free to move from side-to-side in the spindle while cutting. This breaks your tool's razor edges and causes toolholder run-out and vibration.

Use our Taper Shank Test Fixture (patent pending) and our new, hardened and ground Threaded Test Master to grade your toolholders and determine which ones meet or exceed the spec. Using a high torque retention knob instead of a standard knob will reduce tool holder shank expansion 2 to 10 times, and significantly increase tool life.

Reduce operating costs, Increase efficiency, Produce better products!

  • Reduce over-torquing tools during installation
  • Keep holders seated properly in spindles
  • Reduce toolholder movement while cutting
  • Increase tool life

  • Ensure better finishes
  • Increase feed rates
  • Maintain closer tolerances
  • Eliminate run-out and vibration

  • Reduce tool breakage
  • Reduce down-time for machine and spindle maintenance
  • Reduce milling costs
  • Reduce tool life variance

Drop us an e-mail at sales@jmmachineinc.com to learn more about our test fixture or to find a local distributor.


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Taper Shank Test Fixture
*patent pending