About J&M Machine, Inc.

J&M Team


With employees ranging in age from 18 to 71 years, this team's experience averages 25 years in the areas of manufacturing, engineering, administration, management, quality control and machining.


We believe in and encourage continuing and advanced training and employee development. J&M regularly evaluates and invests in the progressive education of our crew. In addition to the on-going safety training and awareness programs to promote the safety and wellness of our people, we provide hands-on, interactive, visual, and off-site programs in several areas, to enhance and improve the knowledge, experience, and confidence of the employees.

All of our training and employee development programs are reviewed regularly, revised as necessary and improvements added to ensure the accuracy of the information, effectiveness of the training, and retention by the students. All of our training is offered to all of our emplyees, not just the administrative staff.

J&M's quality requirements, procedures and equipment utilization is learned via hands-on training, instruction, and monitoring under the direction of our quality and manufacturing supervision. Basic Measurement, Blueprint Reading, and Geometric Tolerancing principles are taught using video-based training, classroom, and workbook methods along with individual instruction and performance testing. Office, administrative, and computer training is provided via video-based and computer interactive means, detailed written procedures and reference material, and hands-on, individual instruction.

We furnish advanced CNC turning education using video and computer interactive training methods in-house with constant and individual supervision. Operators are sent to training classes offered by the machines' manufacturers to ensure the specific machine knowledge is attained.

Of course, continuing education via college, career centers, trade schools, and other outside sources are encouraged and reimbursable to employees.

Acquiring interactive video and computer training for CNC milling is planned for the near future.